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Nebulizing Rats

Nebulizing Rats

Nebulizing is a new concept in medicating rats. It is still fairly a new idea and the results are not conclusive as to whether or not it actually cures the infections. Although it does bring immediate results in clearing raspy lungs. Also, nebulizing is ideal in helping relieve those rats with chronically damaged lungs. These guys would need to be nebulized indefinitely. Keep in mind, rats with tumors will gain no long term benefit from nebulizing but may help a gasping rat. Rats with pulmonary abscesses may need a very long term treatment with nebulizing as well as stronger meds.
No matter the reason for nebulizing, the idea is to get the medication directly into the lungs, therefore attacking the source of infection and bacteria.
Nebulizing with injectible baytril is ideal because baytril is a concentration dependant bacterial killer and not a time dependant one.
Also, the nebulizer is ideal for use with only the sodium chloride. This is like giving your little guy/girl his own sauna. It will help break up the mucus in the lungs and help him breathe better.

The Nebulizer:

The particles of the nebulizer should be under 5 microns. Any higher and the rat may not inhale it. Too low, like 0.3 micron and the inhaled particle is usually exhaled immediately, therefore not really giving the rat the full effect of the medication.
Most nebulizers today are made for adults as well as infants. If your nebulizer accommodates infants then it should be ok for rats.
I use the Proneb Ultra by Pari.

The Chamber:

You will need to create a chamber to go along with your nebulizer.
This chamber should be big enough to put multiple rats in case you need to do multiple rats. Also a bigger chamber won't be as scary as a small chamber.
As well, in a bigger chamber, there will be less of a chance for your rat to overheat.
I use a rubbermaid container 18.5 liters. I added a hole at the lower left side to fit in the nebulizer. The nebulizer is then attached to the compressor via a small tube. This tube will need to be replaced if used too often as well as the nebulizer/cup. The recommended timeframe is 6 months but longer if not in constant use.
I also added many holes at the top of the container at the opposite end of the hole for the nebulizer. And more holes were added on the container itself again, on the opposite side of the main bottom hole. It is important to have these holes away from the main nebulizer hole so the mist/particles have to circulate through the hole chamber before finding it's exit.

Nebulizing and medication:

Along with your vet's advice, you can nebulize two to three times a day. If you notice soft stools in the cage after nebulizing, then you should drop down to twice a day.
Nebulize for 10 minutes at a time.

Nebulizing without medication:

Nebulizing with just the Sodium Chloride is also a great benefit to the rat.
Having it on hand can help a rat in respiratory distress, if only to relieve the rat until a vet can be seen.

consult a vet before choosing to nebulize a rat.

all of this info was written by Joanne (AKA jorats). the info was found at:


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